The Cabrio Greenhouse of the future!


Do you want to close the greenhouse? This can now be done from your mobile phone!

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Specialisations of H.T.S.

Holland Tuinbouw Systems[PI1]  specialises in the design and construction of special cabrio greenhouses, membrane greenhouses, screening installations and garden centres at home and abroad.

From the initial design up to and including the installation on site, we strive for a clear goal: to deliver quality, on time! We select the best materials, use the most modern techniques and develop our own systems that meet the very latest standards. We do this in close cooperation with businesses and institutes such as TNO.

Carbio greenhouses

Sunroof / cabrio greenhouses bedded-pack barns membrane greenhouses
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Facade systems

Twin-rolling facade
Facade ventilation
Fixed rotating facade

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horizontal and vertical screening installations
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Drone video