screening, screening systems and screening installations

Vertical screening 


It is impossible to imagine modern greenhouse horticulture without screening. This technology has been developing, from the very simple to the now finely balanced, as a result of the ever more specific demand on the one hand, and the effective capabilities on the other. H.T.S. has been constantly evolving with these market movements.

We are constantly innovating and are always willing to listen to your specific wishes. This allows us to develop the best possible solution and provide you with a tailor-made product. You’ve certainly come to the right place.
And in terms of assurance, we can offer you more than average. H.T.S. is in all respects a strong partner with a good reputation and a large customer base both at home and abroad. It is this reputation, in particular, that compels us to constantly maintain our high quality standards and to honour the agreements that we have made with our partners.